In everything we do, we endeavor to call forth hope and destiny in the peoples God has put in our lives. We are truly surrounded by greatness! The peoples of our city have incredible giftings, love and perseverance. God has been sharing with us His excitement over the unique giftings of Detroit and the global impact He wants its giftings and peoples to have.

We believe the transformation of Detroit will have a greater global impact than when it sparked the industrial revolution.

We believe God wants to raise up peoples from the African and Arab diasporas in our midst to go to Africa and beyond with the message of the kingdom of God. We believe He will use their uniqueness as peoples and their faith, ingenuity and creativity to unlock peoples and nations for the kingdom of God.  We believe the very things the enemy tried to steal from our city and its peoples will in the end be what God uses to bring healing and transformation to others.

 We believe the Lord wants us as YWAM Detroit to not only come alongside what He is already doing in Detroit, but also to reach its unreached peoples and equip and resource peoples to go into the global harvest fields. 

We have the audacity to believe the children and youth of our city will rise above our current broken school systems to fulfill their God given destinies in the spheres of influence and on the global mission field.

Our hearts are stirred and compelled by the redemptive narrative of the kingdom of God. People are and have always been God’s greatest treasures. In Revelations we see the gathering of all peoples and nations as they bring their gifts before the throne of God.